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Maybe you’re looking for some info on the latest drones on the market?  Or maybe you’re new to the hobby and trying to figure out which drone you should get first?  Or maybe you just want to check out some of the latest drone news and videos…

Some stuff about me

My name’s Rob…I’m from Michigan and I’ve been an RC enthusiast for a long as I can remember.  It probably all started with my Tyco Typhoon RC Hovercraft back in the early 90’s.  More recently, like the past 5 years I’ve been getting more and more into multirotors.  I have a background and day job in engineering so naturally I’m always interested in learning about new and fun technologies.   I started this site to learn more about a hobby I love, and if by doing that I could help some others out along the way…well, that would be cool too!

My multi-rotor family so far…

Quanum Nova w/3DR telemetry, Blade Nano QX, DQ282 (mini FPV hex)